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All genders and levels are welcome in our classes. We do recommend a minimum age of 16.

Cash and Check Only.


"Jenna and Christina have been my instructors in Hot Pot ITS for over two years. I have enjoyed every session I have had with them, they are full of hard work and encouragement. They are very passionate and committed to dance. Their knowledge in the technique and understanding of the ITS system make them incredible teachers. They have helped me realize my potential as a dancer and for that I am eternally grateful. 


Wanda Daniels,
HipSide Out Dance Company
"After back surgery I lost most of my flexibility. I started coming to Shimmy Shakti hoping to help my golf game. I have received more than I had ever thought I would gain from Yoga. Increased flexibilty, peace of mind, relexation, spiritual strenghth, and friendship. I look forward to my Yoga session with Jenna every week. I have met a lot of good happy people in the past 3 years. Shimmy Shakti is a bright spot in my life." 


Regular Yoga Student

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Come as You Are.

Doing Yoga Makes You Flexible.

Yoga is ready for you, exactly as you are at this moment.