Hot Pot Studios, home of Amy Sigil, UNMATA and Hot Pot I.T.S, is based in Sacramento, CA.  

Shimmy Shakti is a proud Hot Pot Sister Studio since 2009.

Hot Pot I.T.S. has grown into a world wide phenomenon and continues to grow every day! 

Currently there are Hot Pot teachers in: 

Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Culver City, and San Louis Obispo, CA; Seattle, and Bellingham, WA; Twin Falls, Pocatello, Boise,

and Idaho Falls, ID; Steamboat Springs, CO; Santa Fe, NM; Austin, TX; Springfield, MO; Orlando, FLA; Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, PA; Evans Mills,

NY; Mexico City, Mexico; Montreal, Quebec; Vancouver, BC Canada; Wolverhampton and London, England; Paris, Marseille, Brest, Provence, and

Montpellier, France; Moscow, Russia; Berlin, Haagen, and Kassel, Germany; Praque, Czech Republic; Barcelona, Spain; Ancone, Firenze, and

Viareggio Italy; Taipei, Taiwan; and Jakarta. 

Hot Pot I.T.S. ​(Improvisational Tribal Style)

Level 1~ ​

You will learn the basic structure of Cueing, the Stagger, improv musicality, and the moves and combinations

that make up the Level 1 vocabulary for Slow and Fast music. You will be dancing on your first night! 

Level 2, 3, and Beyond~

Now that you know how to Hot Pot, you will learn advanced dynamics, formations, musical interpretation,

concepts, and an ever increasing vocabulary of new combinations.

Hot Pot I.T.S. is dynamic system of group Tribal Belly Dance, created by Amy Sigil, and make World famous by her performing group UNMATA.

Hot Pot I.T.S. can be danced to literally any music and carries the visual flawlessness of months of practiced choreography. Hot Pot is a clean and

edgy modern fusion, deeply flavored by traditional Belly Dance, Hula, Flamenco, and even Hip Hop. Hot Pot has two distinct sets of "Vocabularies",

one for FAST music and one for SLOW music.  You will learn visual "Cues" and "Clues" that set off sequences of combinations, group dynamics,

and formation changes. 

Hot Pot ITS class closed for enrollment. Stay tuned for new class launches!

Belly Dance classes are $50 for four weeks 

Classes are 1.5 hours each.